Medical firm tried to con Cancer stricken star Mai Muvengwa the $18000 donated by Prophet Walter Magaya


FORMER Studio 263 actress, Pretty Xaba, who is battling a cancer, on Monday evening finally flew off to India where she was expected to undergo specialist treatment for the chronic ailment.

Brighton Musiiwa, director with StarkMediTrip, a local medical firm which facilitated her trip to New Delhi, told the actress flew out of the country last night aboard an Emirates airliner.

Xaba was initially expected to leave on Saturday after a local doctor had certified her fit to endure the 15 hour flight.

She was accompanied by her sister Noma Xaba, a nurse aid.

An emaciated Xaba, a pale shadow of the bubbly NakaSithabile who starred as wife to the now late Nevernay Chinyanga popularly known as Muwengwa, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in the oesophagus.

She is expected to spend a minimum of two weeks in India.

It took a benefit concert by local artists to raise part of the amount.

However, popular prophet Walter Magaya weighed in with the bulk of the money she required for what should be a life changing surgical operation.

In need of urgent surgery … Pretty Xaba with Brighton Musiiwa who facilitated her trip

Meanwhile, Musiiwa has accused his colleagues within the medical consultancy industry of attempts to fleece the actress through inflated quotations which were initially pegged at US$20,000.

Masiiwa, who said his company facilitates similar trips free of charge, warned Zimbabweans to be wary of bogus organisations promising to organise medical trips to India when, in fact, they had ulterior motives.

“People come up with some none existent names of hospitals in India and make people pay some money into their own accounts promising to then transfer the funds into Indian hospitals,’ he said.

In Xaba’s case, he said, the overall expenses were US$8,000, far less than half the amount initially quoted.

“All the quotations she had obtained from people were all fake; there were a lot of people who wanted to come in to assist and yet in real terms, they only wanted to benefit from her desperate situation.”

Source: NewZimbabwe