Morgan Tsvangirai has finally issued a statement on why President Mnangagwa visited him

President Mnangagwa visits Morgan Tsvangirai the leader of the main opposition party

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today made a courtesy call to see President Morgan Tsvangirai who has not been well since he first went public that he has cancer of the colon.

President Mnangagwa came just as President Tsvangirai was about to leave the country for his routine medical checkup.

We thank President Mnangagwa for his gesture to come and pay a visit to the former Prime Minister of the land. We thank him for his gesture, which is in keeping with our African culture.

President Mnangagwa visits Morgan Tsvangirai

In the 45-minute closed door meeting, President Mnangagwa, was accompanied by Vice President Chiwenga. The two leaders discussed the current dire situation in the country, the plight of the people, the cash crisis afflicting the country, the urgency of free and fair elections to ensure a return to legitimacy as well as the need to engage the international community so that the country rejoins the family of nations.

Presiding Mnangagwa visits ailing Morgan Tsvangirai

The two also discussed other issues of national importance.

In President Tsvangirai’s absence, Vice President Elias Mudzuri is acting President while the other two Vice Presidents will be in charge of their assigned tasks; with VP Khupe in charge of party administration while VP Chamisa will continue to drive the MDC alliance and the party’s policy programme.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential spokesperson and Director of Communications
Movement for Democratic Change

Analysis of President Mnangagwa’s visit by Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

President Mnangagwa visits Morgan Tsvangirai at his home in Highlands Harare

Probably from a political point of view, ED has scored high marks, get this from me many people on the ground will regard ED as a leader with great sympathy, honor, love, kind and respect. This is politics. It is the first time in the history of Zimbabwe to see a seating President visiting an opposition leader. Zimbabweans are used to hate language, decisiveness, and terror but ED brings a message of hope to the young generation. Whilst people may be still be debating what exactly is on the ground politically I think to be honest it is not good to use hate language to the opposition leader. We must pray for him, show respect and some kind and compassion to him. I think with what ED is doing so far we may see this country going forward.

Analysis 1

This could be a well calculated move by Zanu PF to show that world that past is past, we have changed we are now in a new era of politics and we are ready to change the face of the struggle. The outside world knows Zanu PF as terror organization before, but here ED is very strategic he is simply bringing a clear message that we are one there is no need to be different. We may have different ideologies but when it comes to matters of national interests we have to be one. ED is also trying to relay a message that is clear that relations who were strained before can be mending again and he is also trying to prove to the international community that he is an accommodative leader, unlike Mugabe who would never tolerate any nonsense from the opposition. Most opposition leaders were brutalized during the prayer meeting in 2007, and ED is simply saying despite that you are in opposition it is important to pay a special visit to the former Prime Minister’s residence.

Analysis 2

Politically ED has scored and it is high likely that on this one most people will begin to be certain that is a passive leader, remorse, neutral and level headed. He is bringing a new wave and era of politics normally it is found in Europe where political leadership across political divide. Basically Jonathan Moyo has been claiming before that ED is unelectable, of which he would be proved wrong because so far he is gaining political mileage on the ground. Sooner he will be darling of many and he is going to be easily accepted even in urban areas. We are likely to see a situation where Zanu PF is going to easily penetrate in urban areas.

Analysis 3

Although this visit was mainly centred on Tsvangirai’s health issues and national matters regarding forth coming harmonized elections, it is high likely that from the pictures circulating on social media most people will judge Tsvangirai’s health and appearance and the electorate may easily compare the two leaders and see whom they can vote for. This could be strategic trip as well for the outside world to see the hiding opposition leader who has not been well for some time for people to judge and evaluate for themselves. Despite political temperatures, the truth of the matter, Tsvangirai’s health may be a blow to the opposition leader as well.

Analysis 4

We are moving into a new era of politics. This came as a surprise to many who regarded ED as a cruel person and he has proved himself that in deed he is a good leader. We are being transformed politically, where hate speech was the order of the day. This will bring unity and peace amongst all Zimbabweans despite race, color, sex, political affiliation and gender, we are all one and the idea is all about inclusiveness.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the head of Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research – SIPAR TRUST, which is responsible for policy analysis and research. He is also an academic and researcher. He holds a BA, MA from Solusi University, and he also holds a Masters of Development Studies from University of Lusaka, Zambia. He is currently enrolled at University of KwaZulu Natal University in South Africa (PhD in Development Studies). He is also an advisor to many financial and political institutions within and outside Zimbabwe. He can be contacted at