MP’s wife beats up a woman who was cheating with her hubby

Tendai Wenyika and Mike Gava
Tendai Wenyika and Mike Gava

ZANU-PF legislator for Mhondoro-Ngezi Mike Gava’s wife allegedly assaulted a woman she suspects to be in an adulterous relationship with him after spotting her wearing her golden watch.The MP’s wife Tendai Wenyika suspected that the legislator took her watch and allegedly gave it to his mistress Belinda Cele.

This emerged yesterday at the Harare Civil Court where Cele was seeking a peace order against the MP’s wife  whom she said physically abused her at the just-ended Zanu-PF Youth League conference  after accusing her of having an affair with the MP.

According to her application filed at the Harare Civil Court, Cele said she was verbally attacked by Wenyika and her gang at the Zanu-PF Youth League conference.

“I was verbally attacked and almost physically violated by Wenyika at the just-ended Zanu-PF Youth League conference.

She approached the vehicle I was in and started accusing me of having an affair with her husband,” reads part of Cele’s application.

Cele said Wenyika threatened to beat and kill her for sleeping with her husband.

“She further went on to call her two friends who assisted her in physically abusing me to teach me a lesson”.

Cele said Wenyika also threatened to kill her.

“I am well informed that she has a relative working at Econet who assisted her in gaining access to my personal contact number which she is using to harass me continuously,” reads Cele’s application.

Wenyika denied the allegations and accused Cele of being in an affair with her husband.

Zanu PF youth leader, Mike Gava and his wife, Tendai
Mike Gava and his wife Tendai Wenyika

According to her opposing affidavit, Wenyika said the matter should be struck off the court’s roll as the applicant was approaching it with dirty hands since she was having an adulterous relationship with her husband.

“The complainant has approached this honourable court with dirty hands seeking a peace order from me yet she is the one who is in an adulterous relationship with my husband to whom I am legally married,” reads part of the opposing affidavit.

Wenyika said on the day in question at the youth league conference, she saw Cele wearing her wrist watch – a white and gold swatch watch that she had purchased in South Africa for R5,800, which her husband had taken from her three weeks back.

“To my mind it could not have been a mere coincidence that his girlfriend would have an identical replica of a watch with the same brand that appeared exactly like mine. I asked Miss Cele civilly while we were still at HICC as she was seated behind me where she had bought her watch and she told me in Dubai. We did not discuss further as she hastily changed seats,” reads Wenyika’s opposing affidavit.
Wenyika said while outside the HICC, she saw Cele seating in her husband’s car.

“I went over and I asked her why she was intent on wrecking my marriage, making public appearances in my husband’s car and furthermore why she would wear another woman’s watch.

“It is true I called a friend to come and confirm that the watch was mine and we requested to have the watch back and she surrendered it voluntarily and at no point did we manhandle Miss Cele neither did we make threats to her in any way,” reads Wenyika’s opposing affidavit.

Harare Civil Court magistrate Babra Masinire deferred the matter to Tuesday next week for ruling.

Source: Chronicle