“Muchinguri put out the fire you started-ndimi makativambira mashoko,” says Zimbabwe President Mugabe


President Mugabe has jokingly told Secretary for Women’s League Cde Oppah Muchinguri to manage the situation with regards to the First Lady savage attacks of VP Mujuru.

“Ndimi makativambira mashoko kaimi kumadzimai?…apokaapo the fire is on, manage it,” said President Mugabe to Cde Muchinguri before he moved on to greet Cdes Gumbo, Nicholas Goche and Webster Shamu.

Zimbabwe President Mugabe

Cde Muchinguri, the outgoing leader of the Women’s League, recently announced the position taken by the organ that the First lady become its secretary. Grace Mugabe then made some insights into the unacceptable behaviour of VP Mujuru which included incompetence and undermining the authority of the President before asking her to resign or risk being fired at the National People’s Congress in December.

Cde Muchinguri was expected to table a report on the First Lady’s rallies in the country’s 10 provinces, but had requested for postponement to next week just before the power blackout.
It was during the debate that VP Mujuru’s shananigans were to be discussed.

Expectations were high that the issue would be discussed in the meeting, with an unprecedented high number of journalists arriving at the Zanu-PF headquarters by mid-morning. VP Mujuru was there by 9am.

Politburo members are known to arrive just when the meeting is about to start, but VP Mujuru chose to break with tradition and arrive almost six hours before it started. President Mugabe arrived around midday and expressed surprise at the high number of journalists before he proceeded to his office.

He then went to the main boardroom where Politburo meetings are held at around 3pm and exchanged pleasantries with a number of Politburo members and jokingly told Cde Muchinguri that she had to manage the fires she had started.

He then moved to the top table where he greeted Cde Mutasa, VP Mujuru and Cde Khaya Moyo.

Source: Herald