My hubby locks me in the bedroom until he returns from work, because he fears that I may sleep with other men


A SEEMINGLY insecure husband has been accused of locking his wife in the bedroom from the time he leaves for work until he returns home.

Manyara Dirwai made the revelations at the Chitungwiza magistrate court where she was seeking a protection order against her husband Frank Nemashakwe. 

She said her husband no longer wants to sleep with her in the same blanket. 

Dirwai also added that Nemashakwe ‘hires’ his brother to harass her in front of their children and he at times chases her from home. 

She further alleged that Nemashakwe is now neglecting the family. 

“He locks me in the bedroom when he goes to work and only opens the door when he returns from work. He also harasses me in front of our children together with his brother,” she said.

“He no longer wants to share blankets with me,” she told magistrate Gofa.

Nemashakwe disputed the claims saying Dirwai always locks herself in the house threatening, to commit suicide.

He said the only day he locked the door, he had done so by mistake. 

“She is not telling the truth. She is a person who does not want to he reprimanded and each time I reprimand her, she threatens to commit suicide,” he said. 

“I only locked the door once by mis-take, I had forgotten my office keys,” he said 

Source: H-Metro