My Wife Sharon Macheso infected me with an STI & she has a habit of coming home way after midnight.


Sungura ace Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon reportedly infected her husband of two months Kudakwashe Munetsi with a s*xually transmitted disease a few days before their wedding in August, while wedding gifts and cash of $10 000 went to the Macheso family.

Munetsi filed opposing papers at the Chitungwiza Civil Court yesterday through his lawyer Mr. Charles Chikore of C. Mutsahuni and Partners indicating that the two issues were partly responsible for the collapse of their marriage.

Sharon filed an application for protection order against Munetsi on Monday, but in his opposing affidavit Munetsi said it was him instead who should be protected by the courts.

Kudakwashe Munetsi Partying -Sharon Macheso Husband

Munetsi alleged that Sharon was possessed by an evil spirit and had to take snuff occasionally to pacify it.

Sharon on Tuesday, filed an application for a protection order from Munetsi who she accused of being violent towards her and cited drug abuse as the major reason. Munetsi has denied the allegations in her affidavit, saying his mother in law was interfering in his marriage.

“So many things have been said about me by the applicant, while I have been quiet,” he said. “To put the record straight, so many things are causing problems in our marriage. Our problems have been caused by the violent conduct she exhibits. Prior to this, we had other arguments associated with a s*xually transmitted disease she had just before the wedding.

“She admitted she had the disease and we both got treated at Ebenezer Clinic in Hatfield. We had to seek medical attention now and then and up to now we hardly have s*xual intercourse.”

Munetsi alleged that Sharon often flew into a violent rage which resulted in her family taking her to their home for up to three days, leaving him without company.

“She appears possessed by a spirit and she normally does that after sniffing some snuff ans she becomes so powerful,” he said.

“This behavior started way back when before we got married and upon asking her she confirmed that she has a spirit, adding that her grandmother, Mary Mutore, who is a traditional healer, was always helping her.”

Munetsi alleged that all the presents they got at their wedding went to the Macheso family, while his mother in law Nyadzisai took away the $10 000 cash.

“All the gifts we got were taken to her parents’ house in Waterfalls instead of our house,” he said. “I only asked about the money and the gifts and that annoyed her such that she told me not to ask about them, saying the wedding had been sponsored by her parents.

“Her mother took away the money we received which was put into Sharon’s account and she squandered all of it. Sometimes the mother comes to our house and starts shouting at me. This is basically the background of our problems.”

Munetsi said Sharon also had a habit of coming home way after midnight.

He said he recently sought medically attention due to stress caused by Sharon, saying he had evidence to prove that.

Source: Herald