Nasty Fight between Jonathan Moyo and Emmerson Mnangagwa over beautiful Oppah Muchinguri


Close allies Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo have had a major fall out, according to impeccable sources.

The cause is the battle by outgoing Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri and Senate President Ednah Madzongwe for the second secretary and vice presidency position currently held by the embattled moderate Joice Mujuru. Once the crocodile’s blue-eyed boy who could do no wrong, Moyo is reportedly rooting for his long-time ally Muchinguri.

Emmerson Mnangagwa and Jonathan Moyo

“There is no longer good blood between Moyo and Mnangagwa anymore,” said the source on condition of anonymity. “Mnangagwa suggested the unpopular Muchinguri be given the post of Secretary of External Affairs as she does not appeal to the grassroots. He then suggested Madzongwe as a candidate for the vice presidency. Muchinguri refused to accept and Moyo then jumped in to back her. After lengthy discussions, Moyo and Mnangagwa exchanged harsh words and since then they are no longer talking.”

Another source who confirmed this development added: “Mnangagwa is always aware of Moyo’s double standards and using his name in his scheming tactics. Everyone in the camp is pushing for Madzongwe, who is a darling to the masses, but Moyo and Muchinguri are causing confusion and want to hi-jack the process which saw VP Mujuru left fighting for her political career.

“Muchinguri does not have followers. Even in Manicaland, where she hails from , they do not want her,” she added.

A youth official and Mnangagwa loyalist criticised Moyo and Muchinguri for being ‘divisive weevils’ and called for their ouster from the party.

“We are disappointed in both Muchinguri and Moyo. We were quiet when they brought in sell-out Mandy Mercy Nyama, who is a known anti-Mugabe person. Nyama is also a close associate and confident of Muchinguri and Moyo. They are always together wherever they appear in public. Nyama is also a prominent figure of a United Kingdom based anti-government group, Zimbabwe Action in Solidarity (ZAS) Leicester Drop-in Centre organisation. It mobilises support for refugees and asylum seekers. If you check the ministry headed by Moyo it is infested with weevils who are critics of President Robert Mugabe. I am beginning to believe in what Didymus Mutasa said about Moyo and Muchinguri being the main culprits bent on dividing the party from within,” she said.

Efforts to get comments from Mnangagwa, Moyo and Muchinguri were fruitless as their phones went unanswered.

Source: The Zimbabwean