Never seen Before Pictures of a Zimbabwean man who was stabbed to death by his wife: WARNING DISTURBING IMAGES !!!


A Woman stabbed her husband to death  last week on Thursday.

The incident occurred just after midnight and crowds are currently swamping the couple’s residence which is in Unit L, Seke.

The house is located behind Seke 3 High School.
ZRP Cops said the man was stabbed during a domestic dispute. The Police said and a man and woman were arguing when the woman grabbed a 7-inch kitchen knife and stabbed the victim in the back.

The suspect is now facing police custody and a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police also said 3 adults and three children live at the residence.

Meanwhile witnesses said the three children were inside the house during the stabbing but they were not injured. More to follow as events unravel.

First picture of the Chitungwiza woman who stabbed her husband last week

…….Disturbing pictures of the deceased man who was stabbed by his wife in Chitungwiza have emerged. The murder scene is disturbing and readers of nervous disposition are warned not to view the pictures.

Source: ZimEye