Never Seen Before Pictures of President Mugabe & his 100 member entourage blowing “$millions” in New York U.S.A


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s entourage to the UN Summit has gobbled US$2 million, figures revealed to The News Leader show.

A top source at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe revealed to us that the central bank had to scrounge and make the amount available in two batches.

Mugabe took more than 100 people to the UN climate summit, including his family members and about 40 security aides.
The leaked details show that save for Mugabe, his wife and son, the rest of members of the bloated delegation are getting a daily allowance of US$2 000, on top of huge expenses incurred for their travel and accommodation.

Dr Grace Mugabe, her husband, President Robert Mugabe , Son Chatunga Mugabe and delegates being welcomed in New York

The amount being given to each individual as daily allowance is five times higher than the monthly salary for the majority of civil servants in Zimbabwe – who are earning around US$400. ‘The allowances for the VVIPs, which is basically the president and his family plus ministers, is not on the schedule we prepared because it was handled directly by the governor,’ our top RBZ source said on Wednesday. Our efforts to engage RBZ governor John Mangudya failed. His secretary said, ‘He is not yet available and l have been advised that he can’t speak about such issues.’

Trying a New Expensive Designer Suit
The RBZ forked out US$1 million for travel expenses and hotel bookings, with reports that Mugabe and his entourage are staying in luxury at a top facility in New York. Including the allowances and other expenses, Mugabe’s entourage has already gobbled US$2 million, within a space of five days.That amount could have been used to effectively solve the serious problems at the country’s major health institutions, Parirenyatwa and Harare Hospital, where the martenity wards are not having water supplies.
Delivering mothers are having to do with little supplies brought from outside the hospitals.

Members of Mugabe’s entourage, including Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere, went on a crazy shopping and spending spree at upmarket boutiques in New York.

Mugabe is under a travel ban from the USA and is permitted to stay within a limited radius. However, the majority of members of his delegation had the freedom to roam around and splash their huge amounts of cash.
Back home, every aspect of the economy is declining under the heavy weight of the Mugabe regime’s failure and lack of workable plan.

On the front of service delivery, crippling power shortages continue to underline a breakdown of social services, which is combined with water problems.

Mugabe has entrenched the habit of ignoring pressing and urgent national needs, to go on very expensive international junkets, always carrying huge delegations.

Source: NewsLeader