New Cheaper & Faster way of sending money to relatives in Zimbabwe



With millions of Zimbabweans living outside the country and many of them struggling to navigate the complexities of sending money home to Zimbabwe, Hand2Hand Transfers has launched an easy and convenient money transfer service which allows customers to instantly send money to Zimbabwe from the convenience of their computers or mobile phones.
The service offered by Hand2Hand Transfers is an affordable service which takes away the need to queue because it has been modelled as an online service.
This means that clients can send money instantly from the comfort of their homes and offices and they can do so from anywhere in the world. “Hand2Hand’s Money Transfer service is easier, more convenient and economical than anything else available in the market. The best part of it is that our customers can transact from the comfort of their homes or offices,” says Jefta Mugweni, the chairman of Campion Forex (Pvt) Ltd. Recently, research data by the World Bank highlighted that 23 percent of money sent to Zimbabwe from the diaspora is spent on the costs related to getting it home. Hand2Hand mitigates that cost by offering an affordable, secure and predictable internet based service. “We have looked extensively into remittances to Zimbabwe from people in the diaspora and devised a service that is readily accessible to the people who need it most.
‘‘People don’t always have the time to travel to the bank during working hours, and often need to send money home instantly and easily. Moreover, banks in the UK, South Africa, the US or any other country the person is in may not be able to offer the service and assistance they really need.

‘‘The few independent services and Malaicha services that do offer the needed money transfer services are usually very expensive, rudimentary or unreliable and in all cases, inconvenient. ‘‘We have solved that for them. In order to offer this level of convenience we have embraced technology and we will continue to embrace it to offer better advancements in our products,” says Mr Mugweni. Funds are sent from customers with VISA, MasterCard or other internet enabled card services from anywhere in the world through theHand2Hand website or app on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. The sender has the option of either selecting that funds are deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account in Zimbabwe, into their mobile money account through Ecocash, Telecash or OneWallet or that they have the option to collect from Hand2Handbranches across the country. With the mobile money option, funds reach the receiver’s mobile phone in just minutes and once received it is immediately redeemable. Should the sender choose the Direct Deposit option, funds reach the receiver’s Bank account also within minutes. Hand2Hand transfers funds to anywhere in Zimbabwe. If the sender chooses the cash collection option, offices are located in Harare, Bulawayo, Kwekwe, Mutare, Chitungwiza and High Glen. Funds can be collected at Hand2Hand branches, within minutes of sending.

Source: Herald