Nox Guni fumes & expressed bitterness over Zimbabwe Music Awards


South Africa-based urban grooves musician, Nox Guni has expressed bitterness over the just held Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) insinuating the awards were not credible and lacked professionalism.

Nox Guni
Nox Guni

This outburst came when he  missed out in the best video award which was eventually won by Kwekwe-based DJ Stavo. Interestingly, Guni flew into the country on the night of the awards but snubbed them after learning that he had lost out.

Registering his dismay via his official facebook page, the Ndinonyara hit-maker posted on his official facebook page how he felt concerning the awards show.

He challenged the organisers to explain how “little-known” Ufic Choir won an  award on the basis that Guni didn’t know about them and their music. He also lambasted the choice of Cynthia Mare and Audius Mtawarira as  award winners.

“Cynthia Mare did not deserve all those awards and Audius could have won if only the year was 1999,” fumed Gumi.

He also said his preferred choice of producer of the year was either Russel Russo Chiradza or Macdonals ‘Mac Dee’ Chidavaenzi.

However, his long-time colleague and music producer Chiradza did not share the same sentiments.

“Personally I felt that it (the awards ceremony) was a big step towards the growth and development of music in Zimbabwe,” said Chiradza who readily accepted ‘defeat’.

“Big well done (sic) to all the winners and for all those who didn’t win, I say to you continue to work and give it your all.”

Music critics said Chiradza’s response showed he was a professional artiste who was not guided by emotions like Guni.

“In the US, you can even see a losing nominee hugging the winner and what Nox is doing here shows that he needs to up his workmanship,” said a music critic who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“He is a talented musician who has massive support locally and abroad but you don’t have to register your resentment of the award winners on a public domain.”

Meanwhile, Guni has a string of shows in the country that will kick off tonight in the resort town of Victoria Falls before heading for Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo.

ZIMA 2014 Winners

↔Best Taditional Gospel Music-Methius Mhere Anoita Minana
↔Best Traditional Music- Jah Prayzah-Tsviriyo
↔ Best Acapella-Black Umfolosi Summertime
↔ Best International Achiever-Mukombaaa
↔ Best Alternative Award-Cynthia Mare
↔ Best Music Video Of The Year-Nick Compass
↔ Best House Music-Kuxxxman
↔ Best Jazz Music-Ruzivo&Clara Nyakujara
↔ Best Engineer Of The Year-Obadiah Matulana
↔ Song Of The Year-Leornad Zhakata
↔ Best Collaboration-Sani Makhalima ft Umsindo All Stars-Zvachose
↔ Best Newcomer-Malimba
↔ Best Contemporary Choral Music-UFi Choir
↔ Best Sungura Music-Sulumani Chimbetu-Syllabus
↔ Best Afro Pop Music.-Exq
↔ Best Album/Ep-Jah Prayzah
↔ Best Contemporary Gospel Music -Sebastian Magacha
↔ Best Hiphop Music- Tehn Diamond
↔ Best Dancehall Music-Soul Jah Luv
↔ Best Single-Cynithia Mare Dai(Zvaibvira)
↔ Best Female Artist-Cynthia Mare
↔ Best Male Artist-Soul Jah Luv
↔ Best Producer Of The Year- Sani Makhalima
↔ Best Rnb/Soul Music-Audious Mutawarira
↔ Best Duo Of The Year- Ufi Choir

 Source: The Zimbabwe Mail