‘O’ Level Student Caught Pants Down with Village Chief’s Wife


Bikita-In what the Chizombe community described as the love triangle of the year, a 19 year old and also a form four pupil at the nearby secondary school which is a stone’s throw from Nyika growth point, was caught enjoying the forbidden fruit with the village head’s wife.

The young man who cannot be identified for his safety from the marauding relatives of the village head, recently sat for his ‘O’ Level at the local school, and has been seen on several occasions in the company of the sugar mama, who is in her late 50s.

According to a close relative of the young man who identified herself as Nyadzirayi, the love nest was busted by an uncle who unexpectedly came home to look for his dog that had strayed.


“My cousin was deeply in action when sekuru Tavarwisa caught them in the act, inside the village-head’s matrimonial bedroom. We did not suspect that they were seeing each other, as the boy is too young to be in love with Gogo,” said Nyadzirayi.

ZimEye contacted the parents of the boy in the love triangle and they were still in shock as to how such an obsession can befall their family.

“We are now being threatened with dismissal from the village following this incident of my son,” said the woman who identified herself as Mai Chari and also the mother of the boy at the centre of the scandal.

Her sentiments were echoed by those of the father who begged ZimEye not to write his name in the press for fear of reprisals with the village head who is said to be breathing fire. “We are in trouble Mr Journalist, what is happening here is a war and I don’t know if we are going to win the battle, as the village head is calling for our vacation from our home of more than 30 years,” said the father.

This ZimEye Correspondent was also threatened with unspecified action, by the village head’s brother if this story was going to be published as it would tarnish their image.

According to close relatives of the village head, who also refused to be identified, they long suspected that their daughter in law was cheating on their son with young boys, as they once found her in a compromising position with the village head’s teenage nephew last year.

The situation has also become the talk of the entire Bikita district, as the news of the love nest’s revelation continues to spread like veld fire.

Source: ZimEye