Oppah Muchinguri now Mai Mufundisi, ties the knot with her Pastor & long time boyfriend


Zanu-PF Politburo member and Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Oppah Muchinguri, is now officially married to a Pentecostal clergyman – Bishop Anthony Kashiri – a matrimonial status that makes her a “Mai Mufundisi”.

IT is now official.

The two are believed to have been love-birds for some time but did all they could to put the relationship under wraps to avoid unnecessary publicity.

Muchinguri flaunted her new-found love around in public last Thursday at Mutare Polytechnic during the provincial co-ordination committee meeting and Headlands Hall where thousands of Zanu-PF supporters from Headlands constituency had converged to petition the party leadership to expel their representative in the National Assembly, Didymus Mutasa, from the party and august House.

Muchinguri confirmed Bishop Kashiri as the apple of her eye.

“Where is he? My better half, where are you? Oh, there he is! This is my husband, and we are happily married,” said Muchinguri, to some wild ululations and whistling from the jubilant crowd.

“I am now Amai Kashiri,” she added. “You continue to refer to me as Amai Muchinguri because probably you did not know that I am now married.

“I am now Amai Kashiri,” she said with a broad smile.

The couple posed briefly for a photo-shoot from journalists.

“We have all along been keeping a low profile as we tried to avoid paparazzi. You know what they do and are capable of,” she said referring to journalists’ nose for juicy news.

Sources told The Manica Post that a wedding was on the cards soon for the Cabinet minister after the conclusion of customary proceedings between the two families recently. Bishop Kashiri has been in the United States of America for years.

Muchinguri was previously married to Botswana-based trader Mr Tapiwa Rushesha and their marriage ended in the late 1990s and she reverted to her family name of Muchinguri.

Source: Manica Post