Pengaudzoke leader Daiton Somanje dies


Renowned for his partnership with brother Josephat as Pengaudzoke, Daiton Somanje died on Tuesday after a long illness.

Daiton, in the 1990s made waves with his brother Josephat fronting Pengaudzoke musical band and making hit songs like Seiko Kuonda and Zvibate Pamhaka and later Tsaona before splitting, apparently out of greed and starting solo careers that unfortunately proved unsuccessful.

Daiton Somanje

The two, who, during their period of acrimony made a battery of accusations against each other, among them witchcraft, in 2010, attempted to rejoin each other but it could have been too little too late as the reunion did not work as they apparently had lost their fan base.

Their strength together was obviously the complementing vocals that became a trademark of Pengaudzoke and of course the steady sungura beat that was recognised for its rather rugged bass guitar and chants like handeeee, Secondary, Engineer! among many other things they jointly introduced into their songs.

The group was a force to reckon with during Zimbabwe’s golden age of sungura, the 1990s, when they toured growth points, rural and farm business centres to play their danceable music, which, despite not creating serious competition against sungura’s big forces of the day like Leonard Demobo, Leonard Zhatakata, Simon Chimbetu, still made an impact alongside Khiama Boys, Ngwenya Brothers, Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings, Aaron Chinamira Chakanyuka and Dendende Express among others.

Despite having lost his mojo due to the split, Daiton remained one of yesteryear’s musicians in Zimbabwe, earning a considerable amount of respect as many still listened to the old songs the Pengaudzoke duo made during their heydays.

RIP Daiton Engineer, Secondary!

Before Daiton Somanje’s death we posted about his struggles & his  health Problems:  We have re-posted the Article again. Read the Article again below 

Daiton Somanje

Struggling musician Daiton Somanje might have some gospel tracks on his upcoming album following revelations that he has been “born again”.
Somanje said the hard times he is facing have forced him to devote his life to God and his upcoming release could reveal his new beliefs. “A lot has been happening in my life and I have decided to give my life to God and that move has enhanced my relationship with my brother Josphat,” he said. “It is true that we had serious differences but now it’s a thing of the past because we now know the Lord.”
Although he did not reveal the church he is attending, the musician was certain things would change for the better in his life.
He said he is still committed to his profession as an artiste and would record an album with Diamond Studios.“We are finalising some contractual obligations and then we will get into the studio and record the album.”
Fame has not translated to fortune for Somanje despite having all-time hits such as “Tsaona”, “Nhamo”, “Sevenza Mukadzi Wangu”, “Mai Linda” and “Diana”.

The musician has been affected by his bedroom affairs that saw him abandoning his family in Marondera to live with another woman in Harare.

He has continuously haggled with his son Faheem and brother Josphat with some disagreements bordering on accusations of witchcraft.
Somanje has been ill for some time and the last time he performed in Warren Park 1 he was visibly in pain. The musician said he has not fully recovered but added he could not just sit and seek assistance from well-wishers.
“I am on the road to recovery but my leg keeps giving me problems. We have resumed shows because there is need to bring food on the table and I cannot wait until I fully recover. We all have families to feed.