Pictures of MDC-T national Chairman Lovemore Moyo who got involved in a horrific crash


Former Speaker of Parliament and MDC-T national Chairman Lovemore Moyo is making a good recovery at a Bulawayo United Hospital following a head-on collision on Saturday night, according to an update by Ezra Tshisa Sibanda.

 However, driver of the car at the time of accident remains in intensive care with serious chest injuries. Moyo was travelling in a Mazda BT50 truck at the time of the collision.

MDC-T national Chairman Lovemore Moyo in hospital

A Facebook update by Ezra who visited the hospital today reads:

“Just visited former speaker of parliament Mr Lovemore Moyo in hospital. He and 3 others were involved in a horrifying road accident near Chivhu driving to Bulawayo on Saturday evening around 7.00pm. He says his driver hit a cow swaying their car to encroach on the lane of the on coming traffic smashing head on with a truck. They were quickly taken to Chivhu hospital before being transferred to United Bulawayo Hospitals. He and 2 others are on the road to recovery while his driver remains in the intensive care with serious chest injuries! Yours truly wishes them a speedy recovery!”

In another unrelated car accident on Friday night, Priscilla Misiharabwi-Mushonga together with Nhlanhla Dube and their driver were involved in car accident after hitting a cow.

Source: Ezra Tshisa Sibanda