Pictures of undressed female Police Officer goes viral


Pictures of an undressed 31-year-old female cop have gone viral on social media amid concern that she is luring men for s*x.

She is a medical doctor for women soccer team – Harare South.

Shangwa has since been reassigned back to Machiphisa Police Station.

However, she denies that she is the one on the pictures saying it’s her look-alike.

She is a mother of four and dismissed claims that he ex-lover leaked the pictures.

“My boyfriend also got the chance to see the photographs and he was not moved.

“He was convinced they were not my privates since I have a tattoo on my right thigh.

“I do not have such big organs as those on the photographs although I wish to have such.

“As for the facial similarity, even my boyfriend once mistook me for another woman he met in town and called me over the phone.

“I separated with my husband in 2011 and I have one boyfriend satisfying me right now. I am not after other men as alleged,” she told H-Metro.