Pokello and Elikem are back together, the 2 Lovebirds made up & kissed in Harare


It would appear the nasty fallout between Big Brother lovebirds Polikem on Twitter and Instagram was just a ruse meant to stoke the dying embers of their fame.

The whole drama was meant to create a hype for Pokello’s Pink Bottoms shoeline at her shop at Longcheng Plaza near the National Sports Stadium.

Polikem and baby
Pokello and Elikem (Polikem) & Pokello’s son

Elikem flew in today and was at the launch where the two kissed and made up.

An after-party s currently underway at the Sky Bar located at Helensvale Shopping Centre.

Some of their fanatics were not amused by the fast one that the two pulled and expressed displeasure at the deception which they say has damaged their brand while others are of the view that the love did, indeed, die. What remains is simply a business arrangement to keep the Polikem brand going.

Source: iHarare