Police officer had s*x with a prostitute wearing a female condom full of sperms she had used on more than 4 men


In a typical case of what goes around comes back around, a Bulawayo Policeman is ruing the day he decided to fix a thigh vendor by forcing himself on her as it has now turned out that the lady of the night had been ‘donning’ a female condom she had used on more than four ‘customers’.

According to ZimEye, the thigh vendor who sells her ‘wares’ at one of the popular hotels along Khami road, was busted by the horny cop and his colleagues  on her way home, and dragged to Bulawayo police station by the cop in question for loitering, before she was raped once on their way to the police station.

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CThe prostitute, who identified herself as Thembelane, told reporters  that she was raped once by the cop before they reached the police station, but could not file charges at the police station, as that was going to complicate her quick freedom. “I gave in to the rapist cop, because I was wearing a condom that I had used to four of my clients and that cop was the fifth to load his sperms into the nearly full condom,” said the smiling lady of the night.

According to Thembelane, the officer raped her in the sanitary lane near TM Hyper market, along Hebert Chitepo Street, after crossing 12th Avenue, before taking her with others who were also nabbed for the same charge of loitering.

“The officer forced me to have intercourse with him on the pretext that he would let me go but he did not because some of his workmates did not know why he wanted to release me and force marched everyone to the station. When I was at the station, I asked for the toilet and the same cop escorted me to the latrine and that is when I pulled out the condom and wrapped it with toilet paper and threw it in the bin at the station. The cop (name withheld) asked me what I was throwing in the bin and I told him the truth and he followed me after I paid a fine, to threaten me with custodial punishment, but I told him to prepare for a show down because he had raped me,” said Thembelane .

Investigations by reporters into the matter revealed that the cop in question is still threatening the commercial s*x worker with unspecified action.

An impeccable source in the station has revealed that at 9am on the day, the cop went into trauma while reflecting on the discovery that he drenched into a condom that was used on four men and him being the fifth.

According to police sources, he has since been transferred to another station within Bulawayo, but is still after the prostitute who he blamed for being careless and dangerous.

Several womens’ organisations contacted  for a comment blamed the cop for rape and also blamed the commercial s*x worker for overusing the female condom.