President Mugabe’s son in a Freak Accident in Botswana

Former Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe's cars in a Freak accident in Botswana

Three super cars believed to be belonging to Grace Mugabe were involved in a freak accident near Artesia in Botswana on the A1 road around 10pm today. All the cars, Rolls Royce, Range Rover & Porsche, which were this morning reportedly battling with Customs to enter Botswana from Zimbabwe enroute to South Africa, are badly damaged but the drivers escaped unscathed

Grace Mugabe’s cars at Plumtree Boarder before crashing
Grace Mugabe’s cars about to be taken to Botswana before the accident

Grace Mugabe Cars Affidavit

Earlier on, the same vehicles belonging to President Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe were been from leaving Zimbabwe via Plumtree border post. Persons familiar with events at Plumtree say Grace Mugabe son Russell was detained trying to cross over the boarder with Grace Mugabe’s Rolls Royce, Range Rover and Porsche. Russell said he was taking the cars for service. After negotiations and phone calls made, to his Excellency RG Mugabe, the Customs and Immigration officials were ordered to let the cars go free.

Grace Mugabe Cars in accident in Botswana

 A man who witnessed the accident, Oarabile OB Tebagano said, “There were cows passing,and the guys in front of me stopped and put on some hazards,I did the same,when we drove off I looked into my rear mirror I saw a Corolla spinning in the middle of the road,initially I thought he hit a cow,only to realise when I drove back he hit the Porsche Panamera and the Range Rover, the Corolla belong to Pelican Moving Company”