President Mugabe’s son in-law nowhere to be found


President Robert Mugabe’s son in law Simba Chikore’s absence at the Zanu PF leader’s 91st birthday celebrations in Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North at the weekend left tongues wagging and fuelled speculation that things were not rosy in the family.

Bona Mugabe’s husband Simba Chikore

Chikore, a pilot, wedded Mugabe’s only daughter Bona in March last year at a ceremony attended by heads of states among the most prominent people in Africa.

However, on Saturday Bona cut a lone figure on the stage with Chikore nowhere to be seen and no explanation was given for his absence.

Bona was later joined by younger brother Chatunga and step brother Russel Goreredza who spent most of the function at the back stage.

They only came on the stage when Mugabe was about rounding up his address before cutting the cake.

Source: Byo24News


  1. You journalist, why do you always sensationalise things? Whats so special about his absence? Were you there yourself? You just said it yourself: the son inlaw is a pilot, not an owner of a fleet of planes. Did it occur to you that he was at work– to ensure that he provides for his family. The last time I checked, you were not at your tezvara’s function. Give us news not “news”