Prophet Walter Magaya treated like a President in Botswana, Chiefs fall over each other to touch Magaya’s hand


Prophet Walter Magaya was treated like royalty in Gaborone when he touched down yesterday for a two-day crusade.

It is his FIRST church service outside Zimbabwe.The Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries Leader is just there for the services today and tomorrow and NOT to open a branch there as speculated in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Magaya was given a “state accord’ vehicle and security to use during his brief stay. Sir Seretse Khama International Airport came to a standstill as officials and PHD member forced themselves into the restricted places to welcome Prophet Magaya who arrived accompanied by his family.

Prophet Walter Magaya greets people in Botswana

Police and Magaya security struggled to control the crowd that was pushing to meet him and among the gathering was the traditional chief’s representatives, Ramonye Matlapeng.

Two chiefs booked to meet the Prophet in the hotel room for prayers and other talks while promising to grace the crusade. “We are overjoyed by the coming of Prophet Magaya here and we welcome him as a man of God. “We are going to attend the crusade that starts tomorrow,” said Chief Ramonye.

Prophet Walter Magaya praying in Botswana

Magaya thanked the authorities for providing him with an escort as well as the honour. “It has been fulfilled that a prophet is not honoured in his home given the situation that respected men in Botswana-the Chiefs-took their time to welcome me while the government provided police escorts.

Botswana Chiefs meets Prophet Walter Magaya

“Immigration Officers waived their security checks in honour of the ministry(PHD), that is amazing and I give all the honour and Glory to God, who loves all nations including Botswana.

“The crusade is not meant to establish a church here but to deliver, heal and give prophecies to the people here who have been coming to Zimbabwe.

“So I am giving back my thanks by coming here to worship with you. It shows the ministry is expanding and we are not backing down,” said Prophet Magaya

Traffic gave way to the convoy coming from the airport and with police escort, they disregarded the normal road traffic rules. Motorists driving towards the airport had to use dust roads since the convoy filled up the two-way drive.

It has also since emerged that hotels and lodges were fully booked by people coming for the crusade from neighbouring countries like Namibia and South Africa.

Source:Images Credit PHD Ministries