Samsung Galaxy smartphones being sold for less than $1 in Zimbabwe


iBid has launched a low unique bid auction in Zimbabwe. The auction is the first in Africa to sell smartphones, computers, buses, cars and tractors for as little as 1 cent.

As an introduction, iBid is auctioning new Samsung Galaxy Y smartphones under $1.“From home, bidders place their bids via Ecocash Biller 84341 or Telecash Biller 100079 at a fee to buy the Samsung. All bids have to be between 1 and 100 cents.

Out of every 300 bids, a lowest unique bidder buys the phone at his/her bid price. For a bid to be unique, only one person must have placed it.“To bid, you pay $1 bidding fee to Ecocash Biller 84341 or Telecash Biller 100079, and enter your BID on the account number section.
“On Ecocash you can dial a shortcut *151*2*1*84341*1*BID#, where BID is your actual bid between 1 and 100. On Telecash, dial *888#, select pay bill and enter code 100079, then enter your BID and finally the $1 fee,” said the company in a statement.The company said it will send an SMS receipt to confirm the bid and round number. iBid also sends SMS results for every round.