Shock as woman spreads her legs apart & urinated on her neighbour

File picture: South African woman humiliating a rapist

A Zaka woman angry with a neighbour, went and urinated on her head resulting in her being dragged to court.

Miriam Matizira (57) of Mandezva Village, Chief Nhema appeared before Zaka Resident Magistrate Constance Mutandwa facing a charge of criminal insult.

The State led by Douglas Mapolisa said that on July 19, 2014 Ephraim Jani who is Matizira’s son got a part time job to supply Lydia Mabheka (65) with firewood. Jani used her mother’s scotch cart to carry out the task.

Matizira later went to Mabheka’s homestead demanding a goat as payment for the use of her scotch cart and cattle. She found the complainant sitting by the fireplace in the kitchen and took a seat on a bench behind the complainant. She then started shouting at the complainant who remained quiet throughout.

This probably did not go well with the accused who then stood up, undressed and went and stretched her legs apart above the complainant’s head and urinated on her.The complainant did not retaliate but just closed her mouth to avoid urine entering into her mouth and remained seated then went and reported to the Police after the encounter.Matizira pleaded guilty when she appeared in court on Monday and was fined $50 for the offence by Magistrate Mutandwa

Source:Masvingo Mirror