Shocking: Bulawayo woman watches daughter’s bedroom video


A Bulawayo woman who invaded her 13-year-old daughter’s privacy by going through her videos on the mobile phone got the shock of her life when she bumped into a bedroom video of the girl and  her boyfriend.  

Eager to know what was happening, the stunned woman could not ignore and she watched the video where the daughter was enjoying the forbidden fruit. 

When the woman questioned her daughter about what was happening, she confessed that she started being s*xually active when she was 12. In a bid to have justice take its course, the woman reported the matter to police.
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When the girl was interrogated, she revealed that her boyfriend was aged 17. 

He was arrested and was hauled before magistrate Sibongile Msipha.

The boy did not waste the court’s time as he pleaded guilty to the charge of engaging in s*x with a minor. 

He told the court that the girl had been his girlfriend since 2013 and had consensual s*x with her numerous times. 

He revealed that they believed that s*x was a way of proving to each other that they wanted to be together forever.

The boy apologised at the court and he was saved by that he was a first time offender and had ended the relationship with the girl.

He was therefore warned and discharged. 

Source: B-Metro