Shocking: Hubby catches wife red-handed having unprotected s*x with a prophet in the bush


A DOG is a man’s best friend and in that case perhaps women should be worried for they would bark at every wrong turn they make. One cheating woman from Marumbe village in Gokwe learnt the hard way after the family dog sold her out by leading her husband to a bush where she was allegedly having s*x with her boyfriend.

Energy Hove was shocked when he found his wife Lorraine Marumbe having a pleasurable moment with her boyfriend Madzibaba Busani under a tree in the bush.

The two lovebirds ran for their lives upon realising that they had been caught red-handed.

The stunned Hove who had innocently followed the dog without suspecting anything became weak to an extent of failing to chase after the two. The clever dog acting as if it was on a special assignment further led Hove to Madzibaba’s homestead and the puzzle became complete.

Hove, not believing his eyes, decided to go to a funeral where his wife had alleged she was going to when she left home. When he got to the funeral, the mourners revealed that they had not seen Marumbe.

He tried phoning his wife, but her phone was not reachable. Hove said his wife did not return home on the night in question and as a troubled man, he decided to phone Madzibaba’s number and to his surprise, the phone was answered by his wife.

“I failed to sleep and around 3am, I just decided to phone Madzibaba Busani’s number and my wife answered the phone.

“When I asked her where she was, she just told me she was coming before dropping the phone.

“Madzibaba Busani immediately sent me a message demanding his children and that is how I got to know that I was keeping another man’s children,” said Hove sobbing bitterly.

On the following morning, he then took the two children aged six and three and dumped them at Madzibaba Busani’s homestead.

“When I heard that my wife had arrived at her brother’s place, I returned to Madzibaba’s homestead as that meant he was also back, but discovered he had left.

“My intention was to kill the children, Madzibaba, my wife and myself lastly so that no one benefits in all this thing, but his absence destroyed my plan,” he said.

When Hove’s family realised that he was going insane, they tied him to a tree for two days so that he could cool down.

Madzibaba Busani, fearing for his life, ran away and even his wife did not know about his whereabouts.

After a week, Hove came back to his senses and he poured out his heart to the news crew.

“Regarding the children I do not want to see them, but as for my wife I forgive her and she has to come back home,” he said.

However, the family members said they would convince Hove to accept back the children as they believed Madzibaba’s wife might abuse them.

Marumbe refused to shed more light on what had transpired.

“I ran away after Hove beat me up. Everything that happened was meant to fix him,” Marumbe said.

Hove’s mother said she wanted her grandchildren back as she believed

“Ezalelwe egumeni ngeyakho” (A child born in your compound is yours) literally meaning a child born under your roof by your wife is yours.