Shocking : Man caught pants down with uncle’s wife


A Chivi man allegedly ripped his stomach open with a knife after he was caught engaging in s*x with his uncle’s customary wife. 

The incident which has left Penemene villagers under Chief Madamombe tongue-tied, happened on Saturday at about 2AM.

Obrich Vhiki, 22, was admitted to Chibi Mission Hospital.

Relatives said Vhiki betrayed his uncle, Tineyi Mutambu when he bedded his wife Nancy Sibanda, 21, of Mberengwa.

The pair was allegedly caught in Mutambu’s matrimonial bedroom by Mutambu’s father, Lazarus Mutambu. Mutambu was at work in Bulawayo when the two were caught.

Lazarus said Vhiki stabbed himself with an okapi knife leaving his intestines protruding, in an apparent demonstration of penitence.

“On Friday at around 10PM we went to bed as usual. During the wee hours of the night Vhiki woke up and headed to Sibanda’s bedroom where the two had a good time,” said Lazarus.

“At around 2AM, I woke up intending to go to the toilet. I was taken aback by funny sounds suggesting that in the house, there were two people. As I didn’t want to leave anything to imagination, I moved closer and listened carefully, only to realise that my daughter in-law was engaging in s*x with someone.”

Lazarus said he knew that Sibanda’s husband was away and if he had come at night, he could have alerted him.

“I was cocksure that my daughter-in-law had a boyfriend inside the house since I knew that my son was away. I then rushed to call my neighbour to witness the ‘drama’ after which we managed to apprehend the two lovers. We realised that he had stabbed himself in the stomach and his intestines were protruding. He was bleeding profusely,” he said.

Lazarus said Sibanda revealed that she was in love with Vhiki and blamed her husband for the affair.

“When we asked her, she said she was promised $40 as payment for the service by Vhiki.

“She told me that they had been engaging in s*x since August. She said Tineyi was to blame because, he’s the one who instructed Vhiki to assist her with whatever she wanted while he was away. On Friday night Sibanda said she had been given $10 and allowed Vhiki to come to her bedroom,” he said.

Tineyi said he had since parted ways with Sibanda.

“I don’t live with a prostitute. I’ve since parted ways with Sibanda after she was caught engaging in s*x with my nephew. Her lover, Vhiki has also been sent back to Gokwe after being discharged from hospital,” he said.

When asked, Sibanda demanded to know where the reporter got the story from before maintaining that the issue was not for public consumption.

“May I know who told you first before I tell you the truth? Maybe you were told lies. This issue is an in-house affair between me and Tineyi,” she said before hanging up. 

Source: Chronicle