Shocking Video of a Bogus traditional healer getting a beating of his life


A conman at the Workshop Shopping Centre in Durban, KZN, SA, has been bashed and a cop fled in his car and left him at the mercy of the angry crowd.

Six magicians were entertaining the crowd of onlookers on the street with their magic tricks.

They allegedly claimed they could get goblins to double their money with stolen cash, and people gave money and wanted more.

But when the six conmen suddenly fled, one was caught by the angry crowd and he was beaten.

After the beating witnesses saw the man trying to get into the back of a nearby parked cop van to save himself.

But the cop simply drove off and left him to the crowd.

Another group of cops later arrived at the scene and took the injured man to hospital.

Ntembiso Mpongwana (47) said: “The large crowd watching their different magic tricks cheered. Then they claimed they had tokoloshes that were stealing money from banks and asked us to give them money so they could double it several times before returning it,” said Ntembiso.

“We were all hesitant but one man gave them R50. They tore it apart and burned it, took an empty box and turned it upside down. Five minutes later they opened it and found R550 – which they gave to the man.”

She said everyone was now convinced and gave the men money.

“They gave us small brown envelopes and said the money was going to be sent by the tokoloshes when we got home. They instructed us to leave immediately and never talk to anyone on our way. That’s when some of us started getting suspicious.

“They fled from the scene, but one of them was caught and people beat him until the police came.”

Captain Khephu Ndlovu confirmed the incident. He said they were investigating a case of assault.

“People who allege that they were robbed must come forward and report it,” said Ndlovu.

Cops denied that they drove away. They said they did not want to cause a traffic jam as there was a bus behind them. They then parked on the side of the road and called for back-up.

Source: Daily Sun