Shocking Video of Zimbabwe President Mugabe admitting that Tsvangirai won the elections by 73%


President Robert Mugabe may have gone someway into solving the great mystery of the 2008 presidential election which saw the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) withhold results for over a month and state security operatives kill hundreds of opposition supporters ahead of a run-off election.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe said there is a
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

On Tuesday while addressing service chiefs and the new leadership of the war veterans association at the Zanu-PF headquarters President Mugabe made a telling “Freudian slip” of the tongue when he said Tsvangirai had garnered 73 percent of the vote.

Before Mugabe could mention his own percentage, dozens of loyalists in the room interjected shouting 47%, 47%, 47%. Mugabe promptly took the cue and said Tsvangirai had garnered 47 percent while he got 43 percent of the vote.

But by then the damage had already been done. The 90 year old had let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Source: Zimpapers