Shocking: Zimbabwe’s Popular Gospel Musician lied that his wife cheated to boost his new album sales ?


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Is the exposure of an alleged affair between Mathias Mhere’s wife and his friend at the very time that the singer has just launched a new album too much of a coincidence? Rumours are rife that this could just be a publicity stunt brewed by the pint-sized singer to boost sales of his album. Has Mhere hit on the formula perfected by United States artistes like Beejay (Beyonce and Jay Z) as well as Birdman and Lil Wayne, who have all gotten into the habit of creating juicy supposed scandals to hype up public interest just when they have some new works coming out? Susan’s alleged affair leaked on Thursday last week with Mhere launching his album the following day.

Mathias Mhere

“We don’t doubt that the wife somehow cheated but the circumstances surrounding this whole scandal are dubious. First the timing that seems to be giving his new album publicity, secondly he continues to be on talking terms with the duo that wronged him, who surprisingly graced his album launch. Lastly, the content of the texts leave a lot to be desired. While the wife was pestering the friend for s*x, the friend was quick to turn her down stressing it never and would not happen. I smell a rat on this one. Let’s wait and see the drama unfold,” posted one disgruntled Facebook fan. This is a perception that was repeated by many others on the social networking forum. A lot of people said that the whole thing appeared to be cooked up. Some women even took the opportunity to launch a feminist rant saying Susan was being abused and they would want her to have a chance to speak openly without Mhere at her side.

Happy Times: Mathias Mhere and his Best Friend Gift Mahlupeka

Mhere, who lost his brother a few days ago, has refused to say much to the media about the affair saying that he is still dealing with his grief. Another pointer is the seemingly disjointed manner of the chats between Susan and her alleged lover. They read like the work of an awful scriptwriter. She asks him for s*x and also asks if they have ever had it then he tells her that they should not go that far but just keep it to s*xting. She reminds him of a car incident and he seems to develop amnesia to which she has no reaction. Then later on the messages get explicit implying that s*xual congress between the two parties has occurred yet there is no intervening portion to show when and where this might have occurred.

Mathias Mhere and Gift Mahlupeka

Also of interest is the fact that both Mhere’s wife Susan Dzinamarira and her alleged lover Gift Mahlupeka seem to be still in his good books as they both were at his album launch. Susan was sitting on the same table with Mhere’s parents and was asked to stand up for introductions. Cornered by the media, Mahlupeka implied that the case was water under the bridge. Susan seems to be firmly entrenched at Mhere’s home yet it had been alleged that she had been sent packing to her own home. Interestingly, on the album “Glory to Glory”, Mhere has a song called “Rimwe Ramazuva” in which he preaches to men to forgive their wives if the latter have been promiscuous. Cynics can be forgiven for thinking that the stage was set for fans to see “big” Mathias forgiving his “fallen” wife and moving on as an example of a man who walks his talk. Meanwhile, H- Metro reports that sales for the album are high, possibly spurred by the timely headlines.

The forgiving of errant wives has become common in all walks of life as infidelity rates skyrocket. Mhere would not be the first prominent gospel individual to take the same route if the allegations against Susan are true. Pastor Tom Deuschle of Celebration Centre forgave his wife Pastor Bonnie after she had an affair with a band member which resulted in a pregnancy. The Deuschles seem to have gotten over the mishap, with Pastor Tom at one point openly talking about his inner struggle to get over the pain and find God’s grace. Musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave seems to have forgiven her husband for a dalliance outside marriage that hit the media some years back and saw the couple engaged in a flurry of public relations stunts to paint a picture of domestic bliss.

Curiously Fungisai had released an emotional song of a betrayed wife calling on divine intervention to help her overcome the temptations placed in her husband’s way by a mistress. However, this is not the first time that Mhere’s album launches have coincided with some personal controversy for the singer. When his first album, “Anoita Minana”, was launched it was put across as the work of Blessing Shumba who by then was an established musician. Mhere’s name was made and, as they say, the rest is history. Two days after he launched his second album “Nguva Yenyasha” Mhere set social media abuzz in a case concerning Midlands State University student Michelle Jowa. Jowa claimed that she had lent Mhere $30 but when she requested that he return the loan Mhere allegedly asked her for s*x instead.

“Glory to Glory” is Mhere’s third album and this time the scandal appears to be the biggest yet. So is it for real or is it just too good to be true?

Source: Herald