Small house bashes married man because she loves him too much


A MZILIKAZI woman sent a courtroom into stitches when she claimed that she physically abuses her married lover due to her undying love for him. Lucia Muzonda said this yesterday after Ngwarirai Muchemwa took her to the Civil Court seeking a protection order against her.
Muchemwa, who also resides in Mzilikazi, told magistrate Marilyn Mutchina that he was now living in fear as Muzonda stalks, constantly assaults and hurls insults at him.

Lucia Muzonda

“Lucia is my girlfriend but she knows that I’ve a wife. We live in the same neighbourhood and whenever she gets the opportunity, she assaults me in the presence of my friends,” said Muchemwa
He added that he was considering ending the affair with Muzonda due to the harassment.
Muzonda drew laughter in court when she admitted bashing her boyfriend, but added that her actions were driven by love.
“Everything he’s saying is true. However, I want this court to know that I was driven by my undying love for him,” she said.
“The problem is that he has many girlfriends besides his wife. I only beat him up whenever I see him with his small houses”.
Magistrate Mutchina criticised Muzonda for her actions.
“You’re a small house yourself so you’ve no right to assault this man. You knew from the start that he has a weakness for women but you still assaulted him. Now you’ve landed yourself in the newspapers because of your actions,” said Mutchina.
The magistrate ordered Muzonda not to physically or verbally abuse Muchemwa.
She also ordered her not to go to his place of residence.

Source: Chronicle