Solusi University Kicked Out lecturer who caught his wife red handed having s*x with a student


THE Solusi University lecturer who was recently the subject of controversy when he reportedly caught his wife — a student at the Adventist-run university — pants down with another student, has reportedly been forced to resign by the institution.The incident sent tongues wagging at the university, after authorities allegedly shielded the lecturer and his wife, both Madagascans. The student allegedly found in bed with the lecturer’s wife is also a foreigner from Angola.

In the latest development, the lecturer, Mr Hasina Anjaramandresy, who is known at the university as Mr Anjara, was allegedly asked to step down at the close of the semester, with university authorities under pressure to act after the publication of the s*x scandal a couple of weeks ago.

According to students at the university, Mr Anjaramandresy reportedly bade farewell to his students last week, when the semester came to an end.

“He simply told us that he will not be here next semester due to a number of reasons beyond his control but what we are hearing is that university authorities asked him to step down so as to help protect the university’s image.

“The problem is that the authorities went for weeks without dealing with this issue hence when it came out in the media they had no choice but to act on it in a more diplomatic manner,” said the student.

The university’s deputy vice chancellor responsible for students’ affairs, Pastor Christopher Thebe, however, said Mr Anjara was not forced to step down but he had voluntarily stepped down to protect both his image and that of his family.

He alleged the matter had brought the lecturer so much emotional distress that he could not face his students.

“That story was really damaging because it attracted a lot of interest even from the international community hence he thought it would be difficult for him to stand in front of his students and worse we are talking of someone who is a missionary.

“When such things happen, where people spread malicious information about you, the best thing you can do is to take a low profile and this is, I guess, what happened in this case, as Mr Anjara felt he would rather protect his image and that of his family,” said Pastor Thebe.He said as a church they had no say on his stepping down but it had been a personal decision. However, it was not immediately clear whether the lecturer’s wife would also move back to Madagascar with her husband.

Mr Anjaramandresy used to lecture computers at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) run university while the wife was a student studying Computer and Management Information Systems while the Angolan student was doing pre-university, which is a prerequisite for all foreign students.

The couple is said to have three minor children together.

It is alleged that when Mr Anjaramandresy stumbled on the two “lovebirds” he begged those who witnessed the scene not to report the matter, knowing that if it was let out of the bag, his wife would probably be expelled from the university.

When Sunday News visited the university a couple of weeks ago, Mr Anjaramandresy became livid when questioned on the incident, claiming he was aware of the rumour and was in the process of suing those who were spreading it.

He, however, went scurrying for cover when he realised that a member of the news crew was taking pictures.

Efforts to locate the Angolan student were fruitless as the crew was barred by security personnel from entering the students’ residence.

According to a declaration by the institution on their website they have proven their commitment to excellence, learning and Christian values.

“Solusi University aspires to provide facilities; mentorship and training that cater to the student’s intellect, physique, social advancement, and above all, spiritual maturity. As a mission of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, our primary concern is the nurture and education of students for service to church and community,” reads part of the declaration.

Source: Sunday News