Solusi University Students facing a torrid time & it’s only getting worse





Students at  Solusi University have a torrid time to register for their August 2014 block Release Programme as the Varsity is demanding 75% of fees upfront for one to attend classes. The economic  melt down in the country and those surrounding Zimbabwe is tense, hindering students to raise such funds to pursue for their academic achievements. The lowest fees demanded by the vasity at a rate prior started  is about USD$400 while an average net salary for a country’s civil servant is far below this. This translates to that most students are packing their bags moving away to their countries with the church institution failing to adjust its demands on its students who come from various parts of southern Africa.  This relates to that this church institution has no mercy for its students who struggle hard to raise even that little they have managed to pay. Whereas students are aware dat coming to solusi is not a right but a previledge, fair treatment of students should be of paramount importance coz these are da people who make up the university. Two Botswana student and many more from Zambia have fled away because of this wrath from the Solusi christian vasity. Its a real  big shame to those students from poor families and backgrounds. Only the rich’s children shall be educated. May the ministry of higher education in Zimbabwe investigate this issue as it has very serious effects on the students.

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