Son pleads for mother’s body to be sent back to Zimbabwe from UK for burial



In 2001 when most people were flocking to UK for better pastures, Grace Makombe, who was in her early 20s briefly stayed in Leicester but later settled in Coventry. She had many dreams to fulfil and her vision was that by 2005, she would go back to Zimbabwe to raise her son Chris Ndebele.

After a long illness, Grace tragically passed away in hospital on the 24th of November 2014 in Coventry, UK.

Like many Zimbabweans living in UK, Grace became a source of support to her family back home. She never forgot the good upbringing she received from Mum and Dad and opportunities in UK placed her on a better footing to support them where possible.

Just as her name suggested, Grace was a strong Christian in UK who exhibited charm, decency, decorum, elegance, courtesy, charity, civility, respect, politeness and she was ever ready to apologise where-ever she wronged. She also dominated her World for a good reason.

As a devout Christian who never apologised for her love of God, Grace took to heart Genesis 1 vs 28 which talks about dominating the World. “Fill the Earth and subdue it”. Grace found it fulfilling to identify a place on Earth where she could best unleash her potential to subdue God’s Earth just as God wants people to do. She saw the United Kingdom as a place on Earth where she could do things better than she would in Zimbabwe. Grace left her country of birth and dominated the World and subdued Earth and at the end, just as what God has prescribed, Grace died and left this World.

During her long illness in hospital, Grace used all her money to sustain herself without any income during that patch of time. Characteristically, Grace was a giver in her life and not a receiver. She hated asking for money even when things pressed. She loved giving and helping and entertaining distressed people. At the end of times, she needed human help and her rested soul needs human help now.

This morning Grace’s body lays in UK waiting for well-wishers to help and raise money for her to be repatriated back to Zimbabwe. Chris Ndebele, her twenty year old son is pleading with Zimbabweans to help and donate money to send her mother’s body back home.

Chris Ndebele who resides in Masvingo is asking kind hearted people to deposit what they can to Mrs Nyaradzo R Imiere Account in UK. The account number is 65608518, Natwest Bank sort code 600840 United Kingdom. Friends and relatives are currently gathering at 11 St Nicholas Close Coventry, and contact details are Roseline; 07449324398 for any further information.

Grace sang “It is well with my soul” in Hospital

Source: Roseline