South Africa President Jacob Zuma dumps his beautiful second wife


THE JACOB ZUMA School of Love has strict rules.

Those who misbehave are punished!


First Lady Nompumelelo “MaNtuli” is now living alone in Umhlanga.

President Jacob Zuma and wife Nompumelelo “MaNtuli”

But this is not the the first time she has been banished from the President’s bed.

In 2010 MaNtuli made headlines after she was allegedly accused of cheating on Msholozi – with a man meant to protect her.

Months later, she was let back in, after a traditional ritual. But in the same year she was fined a white goat as punishment for bad

This after reports that she was fuming about a new rival for the President’s down-time – his young bride Thobeka Madiba. MaNtuli allegedly swore to the bride that she would not attend the wedding.

And today Sunday Sun can reveal that MaNtuli is now back in the
matrimonial wilderness, with only her new Christian faith to sustain her.

She has been excluded from the Spousal Office, which organises the activities of the Zuma School of Love. These wifely duties include keeping Msholozi company at local events and on overseas jaunts.

There was no sign of MaNtuli at the Christmas party at “Nka” or the recent ANC jamboree in Cape Town.

Sources close to the situation confirmed rumours that the relationship is strained. Some allege it’s
because of a man who claimed to have been romantically involved with the First Lady.

Our first highly placed source alleged: “It’s on everyone’s lips – MaNtuli will soon be replaced. She has embarrassed Ubaba and the family! She has converted to Christianity

thing she has left now. The other wives don’t support her. MaNtuli was one

unhappy woman. We don’t know how she can survive out there,” said the source. A second insider commented:

“Zuma was supposed to manage this break-up before it got ugly. He was supposed to do it like Utata Mandela when he got rid of Mam Winnie.” On Friday Presidency spokeswoman, Zanele Mngadi, referred us to the Spousal Office and pleaded with the People’s Paper to send questions. Spousal Office spokesman Bongani Majola said: “Guys, I can’t help you. It’s a private matter. The Presidency does not entertain gossip of this nature.”

Source: Dailysun