Telecel Zimbabwe announces biggest news ever, this is unbelievable



Telecel recently announced the biggest news ever to hit the mobile money transfer services in Zimbabwe when they slashed their charges.
The mobile service provider said that its customers can now send money for free to other registered Telecash subscribers. This took effect on 22 August 2014.This bold move is an indication that the mobile services provider has been listening to the concerns of the customer and is definitely set to reap the benefits of this move. As previously stated the challenge now is not on retaining clients but on bringing on board new ones by responding to customers concerns and needs.

Everyone who has ever transacted any higher denomination in Zimbabwe via the mobile money services has complained about the outrageous charges, a move which demanded someone in the industry to swiftly bring a solution to the costly convenience.

It is not a secret that the success of mobile money transfer service is simply a game of numbers, and the higher the numbers you have, the more revenue you can generate, without necessarily getting into how sane, your charging system should be structured.

For Telecel, it seems it has finally dawned on them that they need to work on this special aspect first.

The issue of charging someone for depositing money simply defied logic. Ideally money should be charged when people access the service.

In another boost Telecel also announced that they have partnered Mukuru, a South African based money transfer service provider enabling Zimbabweans abroad to instantly transfer funds to their beloved ones directly into their Telecash accounts.

Source: The Herald