The Sad and Painful End of Zimbabwe VP Joice Mujuru


SHE WAS ONCE regarded as the most powerful woman in Southern Africa and was feared as the world’s first and only woman to have downed a helicopter with a simple AK rifle, but now, used like toilet paper, as the Politburo sits this morning, Joice Mujuru’s political history quite nears its sudden and sad end.

President Robert Mugabe has been blamed for using Mujuru to persuade political favour with women (Zimbabwe’s largest sub population) when it was convenient for him when he dumped Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2004 as now a bill allegations are ‘manufactured’ against her and announced by his controversial wife, Grace, who said she “must resign now or else”.

Abuse of the Korekores

Mujuru is from the Korekore speaking tribe and she is not the first to be ill treated by Bob. Former Finance Minister Chris Kuruneri another Korekore and most loyal ZANU PF senior official was picked up right from office straight to prison and to languish in the stinking Chikurubi cells for more than a year without trial over allegations that were not proven

Source: ZimEye