They always enticed me to have s*x with them & I could not resist the temptation


A PROPHET from Binga District allegedly lured a fellow villager’s two wives to his shrine before raping them under the pretext of praying for them to avert unfortunate events that were to befall them and their husband.
Peter Mumpande (36) from Lusulu is alleged to have prophesied during church services that the women would be befallen by tragic events, which included an accident involving their husband who was away in Bulawayo or his arrest, before inviting them for “special prayers”.

Mumpande, who pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape when he appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Mrs Dambudzo Malunga on Friday said through his lawyer Mr Tonderai Mukuku of Marondedze, Mukuku and Partners Legal Practitioners, that the two women who are in a polygamous marriage appeared s*x-starved since their husband was away from them for a very long time and always seduced him to have s*xual intercourse with them.

“Your honour, the complainants’ husband was away in Bulawayo for a very long time and the two appeared to be s*x-starved and they always enticed me to have s*xual intercourse with them.

“I could not resist the temptation and hence we agreed with the complainants to have s*xual intercourse,” said Mumpande.

He claimed that he had s*xual intercourse with the first wife four times and the first time he gave her a bar of soap and a $5 note. He added that he did the same to the second wife and after the consensual act he gave her a black skirt and a $5 note.

“They did not tell their husband when he came home because the s*xual intercourse was consensual.
“However, the two women decided to lie to their husband that I had raped them after I told them that I was going back to Bulawayo after staying with them for several months and they did not want me to leave them alone,” he said.

Source: Sunday News