This is the reason why Zimbabwe President Mugabe is now ashamed of his wife & distancing himself from her


Ray Kaukonde, the Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson, openly defied Grace after snubbing a contrived unity pact that the First Lady attempted to foist on Kaukonde at the emotive rally where President Robert Mugabe’s wife again stepped up her thinly-veiled attacks against Mujuru, also alleging that Kaukonde was at the forefront of spearheading factionalism in Mashonaland East.

Zimbabwe President Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe

While other provincial chairpersons, believed to be loyal to Vice President Joice Mujuru’s faction have silently and meekly borne the brunt of Grace’s acerbic attacks, Kaukonde flatly refused to bow down to the First Lady’s strong arm tactics, including the staged call to come to the podium to enter a unity pact with her.

“Here in Mash East, I asked about factionalism and they said there is none here, but I told Kaukonde kuti urikunyepa, achingosekerera zvenhema ndikamuti urikuziva mari dzirikuita (that you are lying, smiling wickedly. I told him that you know that there are monies) exchanging hands, it’s a fake smile iyi ,” Grace said.

“Kaukonde uyu ndakambomudeedza (I once called him) in 2008. I almost punched him ndamuudza kuti (after telling him that) Kaukonde siya (leave) factionalism. The moment of reckoning shall come,” Grace said to cheers from an island of supporters among the crowd.

Sources also told the Daily News that earlier on, Kaukonde had similarly refused to kowtow to the dictates of Mugabe’s wife in a closed door meeting, maintaining that he was duly elected to lead the party in Mashonaland East.

In the baking sun, Grace attempted, albeit with no success, to have Kaukonde — one of the alleged sponsors of the Mujuru camp — to stand up.

“Urikuda kuti tiite (Do you want us to have our own ) mini Unity Accord here?” Grace asked as she vainly tried to have the businessman join her on stage.

But he steadfastly refused to join her.

“Ah, arikuramba. Ramba wakadaro uone (Ah, he is refusing. We will see where that will get you),” a miffed Grace said.

Source: Daily News