Three Fake Prophets exposed in Mutare & left with egg on their faces


THREE fake prophets were recently left with egg on their faces after their assignment to expose goblins and witchcraft shenanigans at a Bocha homestead failed dismally before they divulged the name of the person who had sent them.

The dubious faith leaders, Madzibaba Jobho (23) of Marimba Park, Harare, Panashe Kahari (20) of Mhondoro and Sam Mariacha of Osborne were cornered by the Kamutanho family following their botched exorcism exercise.

The “prophets” alleged that they had been sent by one Caspa Kamutanho to exorcise some goblins which allegedly belonged to his brother, Epha Kamutanho, who has apparently been ailing and suffering from hypertension for the past 11 years.

Fake prophets exposed

No goblins were found anywhere and the bogus prophets were detained at Zimunya Police Post for questioning.

Irate Kamutanho nieces and nephews, led by Memory, Tendai and Zwanayi, who accompanied the ‘three musketeers’ to Zimunya Police Post, were breathing fire and wanted to know Caspa’s real intentions.

The fake prophets divulged to The Weekender that they had been “fed” with accurate information and background by Caspa of what was happening to Epha, his family, nieces and nephews of the Kamutanho family.

“We came from Harare intending to heal someone in Mutare when we bumped into Caspa whom I had met before. He was in the company of several people who were talking about what was happening at his brother’s homestead in Kamutanho Village in Bocha.

“They alleged that there were goblins that needed to be exorcised and we were hired to remove those goblins. They also talked about the incessant illness of Caspa’s only surviving brother, Epha. He also told us that the goblins were having sexual intercourse with female members of the family, particularly Memo and Tendai. We were given a cell phone as payment,” said the ringleader, Madzibaba Jobho.

He further alleged that (Caspa) gave him Zwanayi’s number and he called him narrating the misfortunes bedevilling the Kamutanho family.

“After I called Zwanayi, the whole family took us to Kamutanho Village in Bocha and asked us to exorcise the homestead. We sprinkled water mixed with salt around the homestead,” added Madzibaba Jobo.

Zwanayi said after realising that the “prophets” were not coming up with results, they decided to quiz them about their real intentions.

“We were surprised that all the information they said about our family was true. They were so accurate that we nearly believed them. They said there were goblins which were terrorising our family. We asked them to remove them, but they failed.

“They put on their white garments, but nothing materialised. They asked to get out of the house, but we refused and demanded to know where they had hailed from. That is when they begged for forgiveness and confessed, saying they had been sent by Caspa,” Zwanayi said.

Caspa who was called up by police at Zimunya Police Post to give his side of the story denied all the allegations, but confirmed meeting Madzibaba Jobho before he and two other accomplices proceeded to Bocha.

“I know that one,” he said, pointing at Madzibaba Jobo.

“He once healed me when I was sick. I don’t know the other two men he is with. Why would I do such a thing? I never gave him a cell phone as part of any payment. I never sent him anywhere,” Caspa said.

The Kamutanho family vowed to dig deep into the matter and to ascertain Caspa’s real intentions.

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda said the Kamutanho family did not press charges against Madzibaba Jobo and his accomplices.

“In a case where a person accuses someone of witchcraft or being in possession of goblins, one will be charged with “indicating witches”. Madzibaba Jobho was the main culprit and was guilty of causing mayhem in the two Kamutanho families. So, we charged him with disorderly conduct and he paid a fine of $10,” Asst Insp Chananda said.

Source: Manica Post