UK man sends money to girlfriend in Zimbabwe to buy a house & she used the money to finance her wedding with another man



A jilted man in Bulawayo has threatened to stall his ex-girlfriend’s wedding by storming into the wedding hall to raise his hand during an altar call by the officiating priest if there will be anyone with reasons why the bride and the bridegroom should not be joined in matrimony.

Reuben Ndlovu from Nkulumane is allegedly threateningto stop his ex-lover, Miriam Watungwa from Entumbane’s wedding accusing her of breach of promise and squandering his money he was sending her when he was in the United Kingdom.

Ndlovu is accusing Miriam of having wasted his time and impulsively using the money he was sending her to buy a house to pamper her other lover and finance their wedding.

“I was in love with Miriam and I was abroad in the United Kingdom where I was studying. I was sending her money asking her to budget it so that we can buy a house and use some to pay lobola. Whenever I phoned her enquiring about the progress, I was always suspicious and suspected something like she was cheating on me.

“Miriam and her new lover used me as their cash-cow to fund their wedding. What I want from them now is to repay me. We have been to the police where they acknowledged that they owe me and promised to repay me but they are refusing to honour their promise,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu was responding to Miriam’s claims at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he had been dragged by the latter who was seeking a protection order against him saying he was harassing her and threatening to “fix” her by stopping her wedding.

She said the heartbroken Ndlovu was putting her marriage on the verge of collapse as he was reportedly going to her in-laws house scolding them saying their son took his wife.

“I was in a relationship with Reuben from 2010 and we separated in December 2011 and I moved on with my life. I am now married to another man and Reuben is disturbing my peace by going to my in-laws’ house threatening them saying their son took his wife. This has caused conflicts within my new family. He is also threatening my wedding plans. He has vowed that he will disturb my wedding ceremony and I pray that he must barred from coming to my house or in-laws’ house and wedding.

“He is accusing me of having squandered his money he was sending me when he was in the UK. He now wants my husband to pay him back but my sister stopped him from doing so saying we were in love I no longer have anything to do with him since our relationship collapsed in 2011,” narrated a livid Miriam.

However, if Ndlovu dared to live true to his threats of disrupting his ex-lover’s wedding ceremony he risked being incarcerated after magistrate Marylene Mtshina granted an order prohibiting him from communicating with Miriam, to go to her or in-laws’ place of residence and not todisturb her peace. 

Source: B-Metro