Very Beautiful & Attractive Former Miss Zimbabwe splash love on Facebook


FORMER Miss Zimbabwe Lorraine Maphala-Phiri and businessman husband Sonny Phiri seem to have patched up their differences as evidenced by their Facebook posts suggesting that their rough-sailing relationship has somehow anchored itself in wonderland.

The two splashed their steamy affection for each other declaring that their love will last forever despite having their marriage almost collapsing under the weight of Phiri’s flirtatious relationship with a teenager that went public last year.

In her Facebook post, Maphala said if she was to get married again she would marry Phiri something that suggests that she had somehow forgiven her husband for cheating on her.

Lorraine Maphala

Phiri responded that he cherishes his wife’s support and reaffirmed his love for her.

Phiri, a businessman in Bulawayo who owns a micro-finance company, Nissi Global, was last year accused of dating an 18-year-old college student Rumbidzai Sibanda who ironically lives about 800 metres away from his Selborne Park home.

Their relationship caught the ire of the Bulawayo community, with most people calling for Phiri’s prosecution while sympathising with Maphala after the infamous intimate relationship between Phiri and the teenager.

Although efforts to get more insight on their current status and love from both individuals were fruitless, Maphala has opened her arms for her supposed prince charming whom she refers to as “Mr Swagg” and have splashed their love on social media.

“I love the way we play love. The way you allow me to be myself, you are my best friend, you make me soooo mad sometimes but I also drive u cray cray . . . if I had to get married again I would marry you again, you keep reminding me I should always have my swagg on cause you aint stopping lol Mr Swagg,” reads one of the posts on Lorraine’s Facebook wall.

In-as-much-as both could not be drawn to comment on how they rekindled their love, leaving people to speculate, Sonny also gave Maphala a birthday surprise on her Facebook wall openly proclaiming his love for her.

“I don’t think of it as being another year older. I think of it as another year of having enjoyed a wife like you. Thank you for these words. Thank you NaDinny. Thanks a lot you are so special to me and your wishes too. I love you so much. You are the one who makes me whole. Once again I thank you for the joy you always bring in my life, I will never ever forget the way you support me,” read Sonny’s post.

Sources close to the two, however, contend that the rekindling of their relationship was made possible by the fact that Phiri seemed to have turned from his old promiscuous ways and made amends to what could have been a ruined marriage by devoting himself to God.

“I think Phiri has made a major transformation in his life. He is now more devoted to God and his family more than he used to be. And the two are now living happily as shown by their posts but it was of course after some counselling sessions,” said the source who refused to be named.

With all the criticism and commentary that was received from different social circles and the social media after revelations that Phiri was cheating with a teenage mistress, Lorraine went to the extent of writing a letter to her daughter on her Facebook wall in which she thanked Sonny for being the father of her daughter.

“You came into my life and changed everything I thought I knew about myself. At 25 I was already a grown up woman I knew exactly what I wanted with my life and your Father is the man I knew I wanted to be your daddy,” reads part of the post.

The two met in 2008 after Lorraine had travelled to South Africa on business and the two fashion pundits exchanged numbers.

Like all models, during her reign, the Bulawayo-based beauty was a sought-after girl in the country with her dazzling beauty most men could have offered anything to have her.

However, Sonny was the lucky guy who finally won her heart and currently the two are blessed with two children, Dineo Maddie and Ethan.

With her love life currently blossoming, sources say Maphala speaks of her love for God.

Although her heart was trampled upon and her dignity somehow dented, Lorraine like most African women, spared a moment for her marriage. She remained steadfast despite the advice to walk away from a cross-section of the society.

She is said to be promoting her hair line and handbags that she launched last year.Phiri’s love escapades date back to 2003 when he was accused of being in a sexual relationship with an under-age girl but the matter was reportedly settled out of court.

Source: Sunday News