Very Beautiful Mom performs s*x sessions with lover in front of 8-year-old daughter when hubby is not home


A Grade 2 girl has now become a s*x pest, bugging and molesting her classmates after watching her mother and her boyfriend engaging in the adult bedroom game on numerous counts.

This came to light when a local businessman dragged his estranged wife to the Bulawayo Civil Court.

Its being alleged that after seeing her mother romping with her boyfriend on countless occasions, the eight year old girl who is in Grade 2 at a local primary school is now reportedly s*xually molesting her classmates.

Vimbayi Dengeza
Vimbayi Dengeza mother of the girl

The girl’s father, Naison Haruzivishe, maintained that his daughter’s strange behaviour started after she reportedly saw her mother, Vimbayi Dengeza, allegedly engaging in a lewd act with her alleged boyfriend, neighbour and workmate at Nyaradzo Funeral Services, Maxen Matavo.

Dengeza and Matavo are marketing officers at the funeral firm.

Haruzivishe said his seemingly traumatised daughter later asked him how it was possible for her to have TWO fathers.

Haruzivishe revealed the shocking tale after he slapped Matavo with a $10,000 adultery lawsuit which he filed on Monday at the Bulawayo Civil Court.

In his summons, Haruzivishe claimed that his eight-year-old marriage to Dengeza collapsed due to her illicit relationship with Matavo.

He said the amount in question is for loss of consortium, because of the “withdrawal of the comfort, society, love, companionship and assistance his spouse was providing before Matavo’s unlawful, malicious and illicit association with his wife.”

He further said the affair had seriously hurt and impaired his dignity by the flagrant adultery and lack of remorse and respect exhibited by the defendant.

Source: B-Metro