Very Hot & Steamy Text Messages between Headmistress & Form 4 Student have been leaked


Authorities at Mundondo Secondary School in Gutu have written to the district education officer seeking the transfer of a form 4 student who sent cell phone messages to the headmistress detailing alleged steamy s*xual encounters between the two.

According to disciplinary hearing minutes dated January 27, 2015 in the hands of The Mirror, the student (name withheld) sent three messages to the headmistress at around midnight expressing how much he had enjoyed unprotected s*x with her and how much he yearned for more.

FIle Picture- A Voluptuous Teacher

Gutu acting district education officer, Sonnie Chirikure confirmed the case and said a report was sent to the Provincial Education Office and a team of investigators from the Psychology Department was dispatched to the school.

The investigators could however, not interview the pupil because his parents quickly transferred him to another school in Gweru.
The offensive messages that were written in Shona indicate how the boy drools when he looks at his headmistress.

The first message sent at 2120hrs read, “Ndiyani wangu uyu, ndiMai …. here?”
At 2134hrs, he sent a second message which read, “Mai …..ndinokuda, ndinokudisisa fanika mazit*ako ayo andakanyika ….aya handiakanganwe wena…”.

“Whose number is this? is this Mrs…..? Mrs…..I love you, I love you beyond explanation and when I look at your hips which I once ….without protection, I will never forget that”.

When pressed by the disciplinary committee on why he was saying this to the headmistress, the boy said he smoked mbanje and sent the messages when he was intoxicated. He said he sent out the messages at a time when he knew that she was with her husband in order to fix her for punishing his friends.
The Mirror has unconfirmed reports that the husband works in South Africa and had just came back and he is the one who discovered the messages.
The boy also accused the headmistress of having taken away his friends’ mobile phone, and of being ruthless to students and hard to forgive.

The boy however, insisted during the hearing and in front of her mother that he loved his headmistress and given the chance he still wanted to sleep with her. He said he wanted to sleep with her because she was too beautiful. He said he would not marry her but just wanted to sleep with her.

The disciplinary committee headed by one T Dhliwayo concluded that the boy could have been influenced by watching too much p*rn.

The committee also concluded that the boy was so obsessed with his headmistress that given the chance he would rape her.
It therefore recommended that he be moved to another school.
The following are some of the excerpts from the hearing;
Q Unovada here Mai.. (Do you love Mrs…) ?
A Ndinovada nokuti vakanyanya kunakisa (I love her because she is too beautiful).
Q Iwe ukawana mukana wekuvaroora unoda here? (If you get an opportunity to marry her would you do that?)
A Kwete ndinoda kungorara navo chete (No I just want to sleep with here)
Q Wakambovapfimba here Mai….uye wakamborara navo here? (Did you ever propose love to her and did you ever sleep with her?)
A Kwete handina kuvapfimba asi zvishuvo chete. (No I did not propose love to her. I only have strong desires for her).


  1. were the 2 not in love . nyaya iyi haisi yekutarisira pasi coz what gave the boy the guts to txt while the teacher’s husband who works in SA was around and the husband is the one who discovered the messages