“Vice President Joice Mujuru is the reason why I’m in prison & I hope she will get punished if she fails to become Zimbabwe President,” says Gumbura


RMG End Time Message preacher Robert Martin Gumbura’s church have voiced their hopes to see Vice President Joice Mujuru punished and that she fails to rise to the Presidency.

Gumbura who is currently appealing his sentence of rape, has continued to blame his incarceration on the Mujuru faction under Pastor Godwin Chitsinde and in the days running up to his conviction he to rope in President Robert Mugabe by claiming that Chitsinde had secretly anointed Mujuru the new President of Zimbabwe.

Gumbura speaks from prison
Gumbura speaks from prison

Said an RMG member, “This case as a whole has nothing to do with criminal law, this is a farce created by Pastor (Godwin) Chitsinde who anointed Mai Mujuru, God will punish her for all this and we will see if she makes it to State House”, the RMG End Time Message church member identified as Farai furiously alleged.

It is hoped that there may be hopes of Gumbura being released through a presidential amnesty should Robert Mugabe be succeeded by someone else other than Joice Mujuru.

Another Gumbura follower who refused to be named added: “This is the work of Mai Mujuru who hates polygamy and also working on behalf of Pope Chitsinde who anointed her president (of Zimbabwe). The judiciary said these are weak cases . In a real democracy they would have been thrown out. A VP who interferes with the judiciary should be forced to resign. But again this is like Somalia dysfunction is the norm,” they alleged.

However Chitsinde, of the Spoken Word Ministries, has denied causing Gumbura’s arrest. He last year told the courts that he began receiving reports of Gumbura’s s*x escapades in 1988, before receiving information in 1997 that he had raped his cousin. He said he first knew Gumbura in 1978, after baptising him in Westwood, Harare. Chitsinde denied ever influencing anyone to report rape charges against the embattled clergyman.

“We are not rivals,” Chitsinde said. “We are not in the same league. My ministry does not depend on his (ministry).”

Gumbura was jointly convicted with his secretary Tendai Ganyani who allegedly assisted him rape a minor he had adopted

Source: ZimEye