Viral Video of a Zimbabwean married woman caught red-handed cheating with another man (Video)


A Gupuro video of the cheating Kambuzuma woman who was in the habit of paying her lover for s*x has gone viral online.

A screenshot from the video, Faith cries her eyes out

34-year old Faith Mutema was exposed after her husband bumped into her explicit Whatsapp chats.

If you didn’t read the story go to the link

Now in the aftermath of the scandal, a meeting with the in-laws was organised and Faith who was all tears was given Gupuro(divorce token) in the presence of her father.


  1. This is a shame, as tetes are always advising women to stay with men who cheat, and men’s behaviour is excused, so the double standards of both the females and men present is glaring. On top of that, maybe they should ask her husband if he has erectile dysfunction or what caused her to stray from the home? This video was private and should not have been shared, and sharing it is just to ruin her image. She cheated, had an affair, is sorry and lets move on, its not the end of the world.