“We all make mistakes,” confesses Prophet Walter Magaya


Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya yesterday urged Zimbabweans to take heed of God’s Word delivered through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa last week that they should be peaceful and shun mass protests.This followed a prophecy by the United Family International Church leader Prophet Makandiwa that mass protests would result in bloodshed. The warning comes in the wake of calls by MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his surrogates in the civic society that people should engage in mass action after his party’s congress to be held next month. Responding to a question asked by one of his followers, Dinay Chivero, during a question and answer session service in Harare yesterday, Prophet Magaya said when God speaks, the wise listen and it was up to Zimbabweans to keep their peace. Chivero had sought clarity on Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy and the possible consequences of street action. “For you to be forewarned of what is coming zvoreva kuti (it means) it is up to you to stop the bloodshed or to support the bloodshed because when the Man of God is speaking ari kuisa tambo mumaoko enyu kuti (he is giving you an opportunity to) choose what you want,” he said. “This is so because when God speaks, the wise listen. Pertaining to your question, it is up to us fellow Zimbabweans. The peace of this nation is in your hands. Do not be found in places which promote violence. It is not Christian.” Prophet Magaya said all people made mistakes in life, but it was important to observe peace all the time.

Prophet Walter Magaya (left), Denford Mutashu, Nomsa Mutashu (nee Ruvazhe) and mani Picture Henrietta Rushwaya

“Pane mudzimai ainzi ange abatwa nemurume wemunhu muBhaibheri ndobva vanhu vatora matombo ekuti vamutake, ndobva Jesu aenda ipapo zvikanzi asina kumbotadza ngaatange kukanda dombo. Hanzi pakashaya akatanga. Ndoda kuedza kuburitsa point yekuti we can all make mistakes, but peace is in your hands. (In the Bible, Jesus spoke of the adulterous woman who was about to be stoned to death by people, but Jesus asked those who had not sinned to stone her. The point that I am making here is that everyone makes mistakes.) Prophet Magaya urged people to pray for the nation and its leadership as espoused in the Bible. “As a nation, we need to always pray for peace,” he said. “Zimbabwe is known for peace. We need to pray for our leadership all the time.
“That is why I say when you come here you should bring your flag. The flag resembles your country. There must be peace all the time wherever you are coming from . . .“Pray for peace in Africa, there are always revolts, there are always fights coming from nowhere. Tinoda rugare in Africa (We want peace in Africa).” As a Man of God, Prophet Magaya said, he had a mandate to pray for the country’s leaders. He said he was surprised by some people who loathed Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy and took his prophecy lightly. Prophet Magaya said the fact that Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy was said before or that it was known in some circles did not take away its authenticity. “When I read that story I saw some funny comments with some saying to the Prophet ‘you are not a politician’ while some were saying his prophecy was not true,” he said. A prophecy remains a prophecy even if I say what you know. If one Man of God stands and says there is going to be bloodshed — that prophecy is being given to you to be forewarned.” Last week Prophet Makandiwa said God revealed a prophecy to him on June 17 that demonstrations would trigger unrest and warned people against taking such action in the national interest. He said Zimbabwe should not allow “a situation where we end up having peacekeepers here” and bloodshed on the streets

Source: Herald