“We had disagreements but I never thought she would hurt me this much. I am in such pain after she ……….


WHEN Alfred met a Zimbabwean girlfriend he thought he was in heaven.
But after they got married in 2007, things started going wrong. Now Alfred Manyama (49) from Mogogelo Village in Hammaskraal, Tshwane feels as if he is in hell because his wife ‘cooked’ him by pouring boiling water on him last Tuesday. He has burn wounds from his neck all the way down his body.
“We had disagreements but I never thought she would hurt me this much. I am in such pain after she poured boiling water on me. I was happily married to Shorai. But now I can’t sleep and I feel like killing myself because I have no one to trust,” he said.
Alfred’s mum, Magalina Manyama (72), said she is heartbroken to see her son’s suffering.
“Shorai loved and cared for Alfred but then she became abusive, telling everyone in the village she would leave Alfred dead or locked up in prison. Now she is locking the food away and leaves him with nothing to eat. She makes false allegations against him with the cops. We can’t even go to the house because she has a protection order against us. Alfred is left alone in the house with that woman and he has nobody to protect him,” said Magalina..
Alfred’s sister Julia Manyama said she knew Shorai because she had come looking for a job at her place. It is believed that this was when she allegedly came from Zimbabwe. By then Zimbabwe was experiencing the world’s worth hyper-inflation situation and many Zimbabweans fled to South Africa, most of them illegally.
“She looked like an innocent and sweet woman and I asked her to be my brother’s wife. So I blame myself because she has become a great threat to my brother’s life.”
When reached for comment, Shorai said she was not ready to speak to media about her family problems. Magalina said the family will open a case against Shorai.

Source: Dailysun