Zimbabwean woman runs away from house after hubby turns into a s*x machine


It never rains but pours for Chief Njelele’s villages, as the chief was caused to preside over a case involving a Chemumvuri albino woman who is seeking a peace order from the chief’s court, following her husband’s weird s*xual behaviour.

Chengetayi Muwandi 36, of Chemumvuri village under chief Njelele in Gokwe, has since reported to the village court, complaining of her husband’s s*xual appetite, that she described as weird and out of this world. The mother of two told our News Crew that she is regretting the day she fell in love with Chandipa Marongere 41 of the same village.

“I am regretting the day I said ‘I do’ to this man. He was a good husband during our first four years together, but now he has turned into a s*xual animal. From the time he started drinking beer last year, he has become a nightmare in bed. The past three months have been horrific for me, because when he arrives home at midnight, he goes on top and will only go down until the morning at around 7am and I would then hardly walk to work. I am a vendor and have to walk 10km to Gokwe centre to sell my wares,” said Chengetayi with tears dripping from her eyes.

The village head Gwinyai Zendera, confirmed receiving the complaint, and he has since forwarded it to Chief Njelele, who was said to be in Harare for business. “I have forwarded the issue to the chief, and I am waiting for his response, so that we can preside over the case soon,” said Zendera.

Chengetayi has since relocated to her parents who are a few kilometres from their home they built with Chandipa four years ago. Efforts to get comment from the husband Chandipa, were fruitless as he was not cooperative and threatening to assault this journalist if the story was going to published.

Our News Crew tried in vain to reach Chief Njelele, as his cellphone was not reachable by the time of going to press. Several villagers from Chemumvuri confirmed the incident but attacked the wife for reporting her husband to the village court on bedroom issues.

However, Chengetayi stood by her decision of leaving her husband, who she said ‘has turned into a ruthless s*xual animal, and forgets that it’s a love making interaction, not a s*xual battle.’

Source: ZimEye