Woman ‘allergic to condoms’, demands unprotected s*x, “rova nyoro condom rinondivava”


A Bulawayo woman’s plot to trap her boyfriend into marrying her after she deliberately fell pregnant was exposed last week at a Bulawayo court by her lover who claimed that she forced him to have unprotected s*x arguing that she was allergic to condoms.

The boyfriend Mathias Mutamba (31) from Emganwin suburb said his lover Violet Ziki (23) insisted on having unprotected s*x with him saying she was not feeling well and she cannot feel it with the condom on–hence he should take it off as she was allergic to latex.

However, her seemingly paranoid boyfriend who did not want to throw away caution to the wind countered her line to go to bed without protection by forcing her to take emergency contraception, the morning-after pill each time they finished having s*x.

After two months of indulging without protection and consistently using morning-after pills Mathias said he was shocked when Violet unexpectedly came to his place of residence with her uncle saying she was pregnant.

“I was surprised when she came to my lodgings with her uncle saying she was pregnant.

“On 17 October I was shocked when I discovered that she had lied to me that she was pregnant when she went on her menstrual periods. This came to light after I saw some drops of blood in the bathroom. I quickly took her to a 24 hour emergency clinic in Nketa where I bought three pregnancy tests which all tested negative on her.

“She later lied to me that she had suffered a miscarriage and I took her again to the doctor who dismissed her claims. After discovering that she was no longer pregnant I asked her to go back to her parents’ telling her that what she did was not the right process to get married.

“She refused and threatened me saying she was going to kill herself at my lodgings. Every time I asked her to go back to her parents she will become violent and by doing this she is emotionally abusing me and as a result I am seeking a protection order against her,” said Mathias.

A livid Violet however, disputed his claims saying, “I fell in love with Mathias in April this year and he would come and take me at home to have s*x with me at his lodgings. After every encounter I would drink morning-after pills. On 16 August I stopped going to my menstrual periods. I suspected that I was pregnant and I told him. Mathias gave me some tablets to drink claiming they were morning-after pills. Soon after taking them I vomited and started feeling dizzy. He later told me that he had a girlfriend whom she wanted to marry and that lady started calling me often.

“After six days of staying together I started bleeding and he took me to the doctor who said my bleeding was normal since I was regularly using morning-after pills. He then invited his friends who forcibly took me into his car where they took a fire extinguisher and sprayed it on me saying I should vacate Mathias’ house.

“After that incident I went and reported the matter to the police. Mathias later requested me to drop the charges saying we were going to stay together and I am now surprised when he said he wants me out of his house,” she said.

However, presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina had no kind words for Violet who had been accompanied to court by her aunt when she tellingly charged her to vacate Mathias’ house within four hours.

“You should not force a man who does not love you to marry you. You should vacate his place of residence within four hours. Your aunt should take you home before the end of the day,” charged the magistrate.

Source: B-Metro