Woman reveals in court that she has gone for 9 years without s*x & is extremely s*x starved


A Harare woman revealed in court that she is extremely s*x-starved as her husband has not have s*x with her in the past nine years.

Otilia Matemashinga accused her husband’s second wife, Loveness Chihwayi of being responsible  for the nine-year s*x draught that she is currently enduring. She said Loveness is using juju to make her unattractive to the man whose ‘anaconda’ they both depend on.

“I don’t even recall the last time I had s*x with my husband. I only know it was nine years ago before Loveness came into picture. This is really affecting me and I strongly suspect that she did something to make my husband turn his back on me s*xually,” said Otilia who undoubtedly misses ‘horizontal gymnastics’.

The self-confessed s*x-starved woman went on to tell the court that Loveness was also in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her.

“It’s high time she stops victimising me. I am fed up of being beaten up as well as being insulted by her,” she said.

Responding to the claims, Loveness who is enjoying all the sweetness of their husband’s ‘boneless sausage’, said she had no problem with the granting of the protection order, but denied the accusations.

“She may have the protection order. I have no problem with that but my concern is only that she is misleading the court. I never did any of the things that she is accusing me of doing,” said Loveness.

Magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami granted the protection order in Otilia’s favour which bars Loveness from disturbing Otilia’s peace.

Source: My Zimbabwe